The party starts with you!

There are only a few moments in life that we label as special. But once we identify them, it’s up to us to make them memorable and being stylish is one way to achieve that. Here’s an easy way - step into a pair of Fashion footwear from Bata and steal every moment.

A step ahead for your little ones

While your children may be moved by colours, shapes and designs, only you know how important it is to couple all of these things with comfort. That’s why when it comes to the perfect combination, you only rely on one thing - Bata Kid’s Collection.

Step ahead to race ahead!

It is always believed that it takes something different, something that only a select few possess, to reach the top. The reality couldn’t be more different. All you need is the right partner. That’s what you have got with these collections from Bata - Power and Weinbrenner.